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 Founded in the year 1995, ZIZI continues to be the great suppliers for fine chewing gum.

ZIZI  was built,designed and equipped to meet all international standards within the food industry.With a highly operating staff,a sophiscated computerized operation,our factory has achieved a sustained level of quality performance in the processing of its products over the years.

we launce new products every signal year to keep pace with market's new demand

At 2015,our sugar-free chewing gum & sugar-free hard candy have a great start.We are positioned to offer "fresh & funny" gum with luminated sticker to the consumer in China.We also have OEM products which is distributed to Asia,Africa,Europe.

In order to provide our customers with the highest quality chewing gum, ZIZI  devotes itself to develop the more tasty products. Our mission is to provide safe,clean,tasty chewing gum for your pleasure.

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